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Swimming Pool Winter Maintenance Tips

swimming pool winter maintenance | pool equipment warehouse

Well, the weather has finally turned a bit cooler after the record-breaking autumn temperatures we’ve had recently. This probably means that your pool usage is beginning to get a little less frequent. We’re fortunate enough to live in a climate that means we only have a few months of cool weather so it won’t be long before we’ll all be clamouring to jump back in. Your swimming pool winter maintenance regime doesn’t have to be too time-consuming. A little effort now will make it easy to re-open your pool when the warmer weather finally arrives.

6 Steps To Prepare Your Pool For Winter

To make sure your pool stays in great condition through the winter months, there are just a few steps to take now.

  1. Give it a good clean
    The first thing to do before you close your pool for the season is to give it a good clean. While your pool crawler or pool robot will have been keeping on top of things so far, before it gets too cold you need to jump in and give the waterline tiles a good scrub. Make sure you also give the bottom and sides a good brush to remove any scale and bacteria that might break down and help algae to take hold.
  2. Check all equipment
    Your swimming pool winter maintenance routine should also include a check of all your equipment including your chlorinator, filter, pump and skimmer box. It’s also a great opportunity to give all your pool cleaning devices such as crawlers and robots a good clean to get rid of any bacteria that they could spread throughout your pool while it’s cooler.
  3. Backwash your filter
    Backwash the filter about once a month during winter, clean the skimmer box and check all your pipes and seals for any leakages or wear. If you have a sand filter and you haven’t replaced the sand in a few years, now is a great time to give it a good clean.
  4. Check the water balance
    Make sure you keep an eye on your water balance as part of your pool winter maintenance. Use a basic testing kit to check your pH levels, alkalinity and chlorine levels. We recommend you test your water every 2-3 weeks and aim to keep your pH between 7.2 and 7.6 to avoid corrosion which can occur more readily at lower temperatures.
  5. Keep it covered
    One of the simplest ways to keep your pool clean during the winter months is to keep it covered. Investing in a pool cover will help dirt, leaves and insects (or other creatures!) getting into your pool, decomposing and providing a perfect environment for algae to thrive. Make sure you clean any debris off the top of the pool cover to prevent it from entering the pool when it rains.
  6. Check every 2 weeks
    While you’re not using your pool, it’s a good idea to just perform a basic check of all equipment including your pool chemistry every 2 weeks. This way you can ensure that you stay on top of any issues before they become too much a problem and don’t pull the cover back to a green, murky pool when you’re ready for a swim in a few months.

As you can see, your swimming pool winter maintenance regime is actually quite straightforward. And if you do run into any difficulties during the cooler months, the team at Pool Equipment Warehouse are always here to help you repair or replace your pool equipment.